Feedback on Naiad documentation

Jecel Assumpcao Jr jecel at
Tue Dec 30 14:36:43 UTC 2008


thanks for the detailed replies to Jerome's questions. Though I had
actually understood correctly your design, this helped confirm it.

Today I was reading this paper about Envy's ancestor -

It was interesting to compare what this had in common with what you are
doing and also what it lacked that you included.

Very off topic - about Bill's famous quote, I do remember reading it
back then (I would say in Byte, but it would be unlikely that then
people searching for it wouldn't find it there) and in the context
(defending IBM's, not his, decision to "waste" nearly 1/3 of the
precious address space on I/O) fully agreed with it. In the article you
cited I saw the first mention of Ken Olsen explaining his own quote but
that is exactly what I had always thought he meant (and I also agree
with that).

-- Jecel

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