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Craig Latta craig at
Fri Feb 8 20:13:38 UTC 2013

Hi Noah--

> Is there a protocol for contributing to spoon?
> ...
> I've used metacello to get packages so far. Is this the canonical way
> to get object packages on spoon?

     At the moment contributing to Spoon means taking code away (not
adding it), or debugging Naiad, an all-live-objects module system.

     The current focus is on testing the releases and documenting
desired use cases. We're using for that. As for
code contributions, Spoon is rather unusual, given the goals of a
minimal system and new modularity technology. Part of the work is
defining the long-term contribution protocol you seek. While we're in
this bootstrapping phase, I'm coordinating contributions manually.

> Has there been any work done to make the system self contained? (ie.
> containing scamper, celeste, irc etc... so the user never has to
> leave the system)

     No, currently we're developing a minimal system with which you can
load and unload code modules. Creating "distros" from that is a later
goal. We can prepare for that, though, by finding the boundaries and
dependencies between the code we have now in existing object memories
(e.g., previous releases of Squeak, Pharo, and the other Smalltalks). We
can use the existing change management tools to do that (e.g., Monticello).

     Please see the details about Naiad on my blog[1].




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