debugging object memory

Noah Evans noah.evans at
Sun Feb 10 17:36:02 UTC 2013

I'm also getting an interesting floating point behavior.

I'm getting a float division of 1023.0/0.0. This should be caught be
the test !(arg != 0.0) but it isn't. Until I understand the problem
better I'll blame the plan9 compilers. I've gotten the expected
behavior by substituting "(int)arg == 0" which yields something close
to the expected behavior.

After digging around in the source I'd hazard a guess that the 1023.0
value is ComponentMax in the class Color. If that's true I'd bet that
the division comes from Color>blue. This would imply that the division
is being done backwards and that something is potentially funky with
my stack handling. Does anyone have any experience debugging these
sorts of problems? printAllStacks() is unhelpful, I think this may be
due to some bit of initialization I'm not doing.

Any thoughts?


On Sun, Feb 10, 2013 at 3:51 PM, Noah Evans <noah.evans at> wrote:
> I've got the vm receiving events (no graphics yet) and I make it to
> the first GC.
> At oop=0x213cc94 oopSize is 34852108 which immediately causes a
> segfault. What is the proper way to debug object memory when
> bootstrapping?
> Noah

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