Spoon 3 beta 5

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Tue Mar 4 10:50:36 UTC 2014

Hi Chris--

> Congratulations on beta 5.


> I tried it on Ubuntu.  FYI, I got a couple of strange messages when
> unzipping about a couple of the files in there.

     Oh, what did you get?

> Then i simply cd'd into the "Linux" folder and ran ./start.sh. I
> think I saw a window open briefly...

     That's a Squeak window; I try to open it headlessly, but
something's wrong with that. What's the correct invocation?

> ...but it was quickly covered by a new browser window that opened
> [http://localhost:8090/README.html].

     Cool! That's all I'm trying to get to work on all host platforms at
the moment. Can you reload the page in the web browser?

     thanks again,


Craig Latta
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