Les Tyrrell tyrrell at
Tue Jan 1 08:51:12 UTC 1980

As a graceless hack, you could modify the instantiation code for Menu
so that it would always add a "stayUpItem"... there should already
be an instance message called addStayUpItem.

This would give you multiple stayUpItems on those menues already having
them, but it would give you a chance to try this out to see what you
think of it.


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> Inside Morphic I know that you can get the desktop menu to stay open or
> you can use the flaps.  What I want to know is there any way to keep
> window specific menus up?  I.e. I right-click in a Workspace is there
> anyway to keep that menu up?
> When you have to do the same thing 24 times over, it gets old real fast,
> and i'm not real big into short-cut-keys.
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