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Sun Aug 16 04:07:35 UTC 1998


First of all, the Wrappers, though I've only started messing with them, are, well, AWESOME.

I've been half-planning, half-fantasizing about something like that for morphs, but for the distinctly unfortunate fact that I had no idea how to do them.

Very cool.

Things that appeared in my dreams and might be handy, or that I find myself wishing were there in the WrapperWorld -
* An optional stack that, if it exists, is the default target for results. (I'd put it down the right edge of the world).
* A graphic representation of variables known in the WrapperWorld. (A list down the left side? maybe boxes with values or arrows to them?)
* A recorder that once turned on notices what I'm doing and creates an equivalent code snippet, or some other representation of the process that can be then run step by step.

And some interface luxuries -
* Some tools for organizing all those resulting objects - an auto grid or something like that
* An obvious marking of the current focus of attention.
* A possibility to easily get the store string of an object.

BTW, how is it that you choose the protocol to display?
because storeString is something all objects can respond to.

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On 8/12/98, at 2:05 AM, gr at wrote:

>Hi everybody!
>	There will be soon a new version of MorphicWrappers. There are some
>improvements borned from the feedback with some users (there are a lot
>of users), but we like to include as many good thing as we can. So...
>	Have you seen MorphicWrappers yet?
>	(Why not? check: )
>	Are you using them?
>	Do you have anything negative to say about it? what?
>	What whould you add it? What whould you change?
>	Do you have anything possitive to say about it? what?
>	(take some time to answer this one!	:-)
>	Thanks a lot!
>	Feedbacker Bye!
>	Richie++
>PS: We'll apreciate anything you say about this, we are taking this as a
>serious movement towards the future (not every move is towards there, you
>PPS: Yes, I know, my english is not the best in the net, sorry...

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