hidden methods idea

David Stes stes at mundivia.es
Wed Aug 19 13:11:10 UTC 1998


 Currently when I have a class in Squeak, and when I have some methods
that I consider private, then I put them in a category named "Support" or
"Private" or something like that.  Just to make clear that those methods
shouldn't be used. 

 Now, I was just thinking that it may be a good idea that you could have a
name starting with a dot (.) and then the category would be hidden.  e.g. 
a category named ".Support" would be hidden in the browser. 

 There should be a flag to show the hidden methods, of course.  Just like
"ls" on the Unix file system and "ls -a", in fact. 

 Such a gadget may be a nice addition ? Or is there already a trick to do
something like this ?

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