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Craig Latta Craig.Latta at NetJam.ORG
Thu Aug 6 22:25:17 UTC 1998

> [Server-side URL interpretation] doesn't help if you move te page to
> a different server, though, or even if you simply reorganize how your
> pages are organized on the given server.

	I've noticed several sites have been supporting notification of modified links for some time now. Typically, the site lets you register an interest in a particular link, then will send email when the link changes, notifying you of the new link.

	Something like this could be done straightforwardly in a Squeak web server with actual object dependency. The notification mechanism could be quite elegant if the remote dependents were Squeak systems as well.

	Having done that, the temptation to create an entirely new object-based web might be high. :)


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