Apples to Oranges in FileStream

Kevin Fisher kfisher at
Fri Aug 21 12:36:18 UTC 1998

invader at (Michael Donegan) wrote:
> The three class variables: Read, Write and Shorten are not initialized, so
> I would steer clear of the readOnly, readWrite, readWriteShorten and
> writeShorten
> methods until all that gets straightened. Looks like an extension that
> isn't done yet.

I see...well, after examining the StandardFileStream initialization methods I 
realize what I was doing was probably overkill (the new file is marked 
writable by default anyway).  I was mainly just experimenting with the other 
methods in FileStream and came across this which threw me for a bit of a loop.

> Someone is apparently trying to correct the problem that writable files
> don't get truncated.
> Squeak is great, but it has a few pitfalls when you actually try to get
> something done. PositionableStream>>nextNumber: and nextInt32 have similar
> problems with
> missing asInteger after a self next.
>         mkd

Pitfalls or no, I'm really excited about having access to a decent Smalltalk 
VM after all this time.  Digging through the associated stream methods was 
extremely illuminating for me, even though it was after midnight before I gave 
up. :)

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