Chris Reuter cgreuter at calum.csclub.uwaterloo.ca
Wed Aug 26 01:42:34 UTC 1998

> > i don't know how i got on your list, but i wish all you geeks would quit 
> You've subscribed to a mailing list.  To get off it, send a message to 

Sorry.  This was supposed to go directly to the sender.  Oh well, he's
got the message now if he still needs it.

Since I'm wasting bandwidth anyway, I may as well throw in my 
0.02 asCurrency on the whole #nil vs. nil issue and say that IMHO the
right way to go is to follow ANSI.

I've always thought of true, false and nil as literals and "#" used to
denote a symbol.  It surprised me to learn that #1 is an integer
rather than a symbol.


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