No 2.1J VM [was: Re: Arithmetic...]

Donald T. Major, II sasdtm at
Wed Aug 26 16:04:27 UTC 1998

Thanks - I'd not heard this!


(Hoping every bit of encouragement will make it happen that much sooner :-)).

Dwight Hughes wrote:

> This was posted on concerning the
> present status of the JitterVM:
> "The Jitter VM was released for Squeak 1.31. Users should note that it
> has a serious bug in the way it caches the structure of classes. If you
> write code that redefines a class with many subclasses, you may crash
> shortly afterwards. I have written test code that crashes it every time.
> Ian has not released a Jitter for 2.0 or 2.1. He is working on a
> from-scratch new one. Presumably it will not have the cache bug. -- Ted
> Kaehler"

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