Arithmetic (was: Polymorphism without protocol dilution)

Maurice Rabb m3rabb at
Thu Aug 27 17:54:15 UTC 1998

At 11:58 AM 8/26/98, Travis Griggs wrote:
>I will give that double dispatching, at least for me, was a piece of the
>Smalltalk enlightenment puzzle.

Me too.

>An #adaptToType:
>type message is basically a polymorphic application of a type cast,
>something that
>we're all familiar with from more arcane systems. OTOH, the only people
>that have
>really delved into the core number stuff so far, have been people
>comfortable with
>100% messaging.

I looked at the Squeak adaptTo stuff again, but I still find it more
confusing than DD.  Maybe my brain has become too adapted toward DD.

Ultimately, the whole thing would best be solved by adding
>multi-methods to Squeak, but I'm not that good of a VM hacker. :)

As in multidispatch, ala CLOS?

>> I was planning to use DD for the Rectangle arithmetic as well.  When I am
>> done how about we unify this with STP's bug fixes?
>Sounds great. I'll go ahead and move the numeric collection stuff in as
>well. I also
>intend to have a go at adding strings to numbers and vice versa (aka Perl).

Great, I'll send you a private message when I am ready.


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