[Squeak] Stupid question on messages sent to objects of same type

Tim Olson tim at jumpnet.com
Thu Aug 6 23:42:12 UTC 1998

>However, when I hit the multiplication in the mandelbrotStepsToInfinity:
>method (which sends a message to a temporary variable of ComplexNumber), the
>debugger kicks out a "does not understand message", when trying to multiply
>component parts of the ComplexNumber.

The problem is in the mandelbrotStepsToInfinity: method; there you create 
a new Complex number with "new", rather than "new:imaginary:", thus the 
instance variables "real" and "imaginary" aren't initialized.  You should 
either cause "new" to initialize these variables, or change the creation 
code to use "new:imaginary:".

(the same problem exists in the other arithmetic methods).

     -- tim

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