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Patrick Logan patrickl at
Tue Aug 11 18:04:00 UTC 1998

  My thoughts for performance and flexibility run towards cooperative
  multiprocessing among clusters of Squeak images on clusters of
  processors using a distributed Squeak ODB.

  Some sort of dynamic inter-image negotiated communications could
  enable the use of all the spare cycles floating around in all of the
  various computerized appliances we are surrounded with. "Hey
  microwave oven! Can you calculate the quadradic root of 5.639888 *
  10^6 for me?  I don't need it until next Wendsday. Ask the toaster
  for help if you need it."

Have you seen Sun's "Jini" proposal? This is what Jini is supposed to
provide, following the Linda tuple space model for communication. Kind
of like a "blackboard" system in AI-speak.

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