Mail to disney?

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Mon Aug 31 22:07:35 UTC 1998

Christopher -

>  In respect for the net tradition of not broadcasting personal
>correspondence, I try to handle personal responses and disputes
>via private mail.  How does one directly target a person at
>Disney?  I've nothing but good things to say in my messages, but
>a message to <random> awaits delivery.
>As a mail administrator, I find it questionable to make a habbit
>of speaking with ones ears plugged.
>Thoughts?  Ideas?

Who are you suggesting has their ears plugged?

There are return addresses on all our Squeak postings.  Those of us who are active on Squeak include...
	DanI, ScottW, JohnM, TedK, and AlanK.
We are all

If you're trying to get someone else, I have no idea.  You might try phoning.

	- Dan

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