Gerardo Richarte gr at
Wed Aug 12 05:05:44 UTC 1998

Hi everybody!

	There will be soon a new version of MorphicWrappers. There are some
improvements borned from the feedback with some users (there are a lot
of users), but we like to include as many good thing as we can. So...

	Have you seen MorphicWrappers yet?
	(Why not? check: )

	Are you using them?

	Do you have anything negative to say about it? what?

	What whould you add it? What whould you change?

	Do you have anything possitive to say about it? what?
	(take some time to answer this one!	:-)

	Thanks a lot!
	Feedbacker Bye!

PS: We'll apreciate anything you say about this, we are taking this as a
serious movement towards the future (not every move is towards there, you
PPS: Yes, I know, my english is not the best in the net, sorry...

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