Porting from other dialects

Jörg Rade jr at petz.han.de
Mon Aug 17 17:44:09 UTC 1998

Hi Squeakers,

while porting the Refactoring Browser (VW2.5) to Squeak, a couple of
things turned up that could be useful to other VW2.5 -> Squeak ports
as well.

Bob Arning modified the compiler to accept:
	- Block temps. It treats them as method temps so the compile
works. I need to go back and see if any of them really need to be
block temps and fashion a replacement.
        - Literal ByteArrays of the form #[n n n]. These are
understood correctly.
        - The non-squeakish <resource: #xxx> gizmos. The compiler will
now ignore these.

I'm in the middle of adapting Squeaks view construction to VW's window
specfification (UIPainter, LayoutFrame, etc.).

I'll make these things available as a separate file and put it on the

Other ports from VW2.5 and to Squeak must have had similar problems. I
would like to hear about other peoples approaches / solutions and (of
course :) reuse code.


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