Size limit to changes

Lex Spoon lex at
Thu Aug 13 23:36:19 UTC 1998

R. A. Harmon writes:
 > A future project -- I think it's 3,691th on my list -- is to directly store
 > the SDE code in RCS with the method being the smallest check in/out unit.
 > Using a declarative model of Smalltalk initialization code, pool, class and
 > method definitions would all be stored there.  Damn I'd really like to see
 > some that declarative model Smalltalk code so I'd know what it looks like.

That's basically how changes files work right now, except there is no
diff-style compression.  For instance you can do a "versions" and it
will dig all the versions of a method that are available in your
current changes file.

It breaks down, though, as soon as you move to a new image: old
versions of methods will disappear.  Also, there aren't a lot of
utilities for making bulk changes and manipulations, or for declaring
system- or project-wide versions.

By the way, to see one declarative form, try looking into a fileout or 
even a changes file :)  It's quite not the ANSI, but the ideas I think
are the same.


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