Dumb question on Morphic

Boris G. Chr. Shingarov usib6tfj at pol.ru
Thu Aug 27 20:04:37 UTC 1998

Fellow Squeakers,

As I just started thinking on Cheese-over-Morphic (to return
to a BiCheese image for those of you who follow this thread),
I began to play with Morphic and got this question:

I'm trying to programmatically open a world in the middle of
some other actions, e.g.

  | myWorld |
  "action 1 - create and open a WorldMorph"
  myWorld := WorldMorph new initialize.
  myWorld openWithTitle: 'Hello there!'.
  "action 2 - do somthing else e.g. print a line"
  Transcript show: 'Umm?'.

Apparently the process dies somewhere inside openWithTitle:;
maybe someone knows off the top of his head, where, what's
the matter, and what's the right way of doing in this situation?


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