VM2.2 and 2.3beta unstable on Linux ?

Han Holl han.holl at pobox.com
Wed Dec 23 19:31:51 UTC 1998

Fred Bacon wrote:
[ cut ]
> Intel linux?  I built and packaged squeak this weekend, and I see the same
> behavior on my mklinux for powerpc installation.  I just assumed that it
> was a peculiarity of mklinux.  The MacOS version works beautifully.

Yes, Intel, sorry for forgetting to mention that.
It would seem that this is a generic Linux (Unix??) bug.

> By the way, I built an rpm for squeak which can be obtained from my
> machine at
> ftp://bacon.ne.mediaone.net/pub/redhat/RPMS/ppc/squeak-2.2-1.ppc.rpm
> ftp://bacon.ne.mediaone.net/pub/redhat/SRPMS/squeak-2.2-1.src.rpm
Thanks. I'll have a try.

Han Holl

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