squeak program delivery, etc

Laurence Rozier lrozier at thepattern.com
Sat Dec 5 15:52:52 UTC 1998

Joshua Johnson Marker wrote:

> ObSqueak: I'm trying to convince my advisor to throw out their
> current curriculum and use squeak for her CS-for-non-majors class. (They
> use . . . javascript.) (Shudder) I have to teach the stuff. Guilt.

No need to feel guilty, JavaScript has a lot going for it once you get past
the Java/C++ syntax :-) Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript was very
much aware of Smalltalk and Self - that's where the prototype based
inheritance comes from. If you can't get your advisor to switch right away,
you can approach teach JS from a purely OO perspective and not feel bad.
Besides, things could be worse she could be using VB :-) E-mail me if you
want more info on OOJS.



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