building Mac 2.3b VM

Serg Koren Serg at
Tue Dec 8 04:50:53 UTC 1998

At 8:43 PM -0800 12/7/98, Tim Rowledge wrote:
> So there I am trying to be helpful by building a Mac version of my
> NewCompiledMethods VM so that more of you can try the new image, when I run
> into the big wall that Apple put up to prevent people from actually using
> Macs to do anything useful.
> Simply writing out the source files from the normal image was no problem,
> but as soon as I tried to open the .proj files, CW9 tells me that 'This
> project is out of date. Please update the project with the udater tool
> provided'. Anybody able to explain what is meant by this? Where should I
> find the updater tool? Is anyone able to explain why it is almost
> impossible to use a Mac for anything more complex than running Quicken?
> frustratedBye
> 	tim
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Hi Tim,
Gee take a break and chill.  It means what it says ;-) you're using 
an OLD version of CodeWarrior to compile a newer project.  You can 
get the tool in the newer versions of CW (which is up to CW Pro 4... 
of course you'll also need the CW Pro (3 or 4) compiler to compile 
the updated project ;-).

Have you ever tried compiling under Windows?  Talk about frustration ;-).

PS and don't blame apple for this....this is a Metrowerks Codewarrior 
tool, message, etc.

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