[Q] Integrate my C-Code("Large One") with Squeak

johnm at wdi.disney.com johnm at wdi.disney.com
Wed Dec 23 20:36:51 UTC 1998

"Chun, Sungjin" <ninja at aerohel.snu.ac.kr> wrote:
> I want to use my optimization code in Sqeak but the problem
> is that it is written in C Language. It is big code almost
> 20000 lines and I cannot convert them into Smalltalk.
> Is there any way or resource on this kind of integration ?
> I really want to do this in Sqeak.

There is no "C-to-Smalltalk" translator that I know of. However,
the 2.3 release will allow you to more easily link to external
C code that is prepared as a shared library.

If you really want to translate your code into Squeak,
I think you'll have to either re-code it by hand or write a
program to do that for you. If you write a program to do
it, please let us know. I think many people would be interested.

	-- John

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