building Mac 2.3b VM

C. Keith Ray ckray at
Tue Dec 8 18:41:42 UTC 1998

>On Mon 07 Dec, Serg Koren wrote:
>> It means what it says ;-) you're using 
>> an OLD version of CodeWarrior to compile a newer project.  You can 
>> get the tool in the newer versions of CW (which is up to CW Pro 4... 
>> of course you'll also need the CW Pro (3 or 4) compiler to compile 
>> the updated project ;-).
>Sheesh. There, in a nutshell, is what annoys me so much with Macs - (Oh ,
>and often with windoze as well) you have to open this file with that
>software of such-and-such a version. The idea of simply having makefiles
>seems too complex for them.

makefiles and a sort-of-unix-like command-line environment are available 
in MPW Shell, which is available for free somewhere near 

The MPW-based powerpc C and C++ compiler (MrCpp, also free from apple) 
can generate the more highly-optimized code than Metrowerks. Some 
developers can get a 10% or faster speed increase in their compiled code 
by switching to MrCpp for their final build. Also, gcc, gawk, flex, 
bison, and other gnu tools have also been ported to MPW shell. MPW Shell 
been around for at least 10 years, though it has been free (but still not 
open source) only the last year or so.

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