Squeak and Lego Mindstorms

Stefano Franchi franchi at csli.stanford.edu
Thu Dec 3 20:41:32 UTC 1998

Is anyone thinking about a Squeak programming environment for the recently
released Lego Mindstorms robotics kits?
I am toying with the idea of offering a class that would use the kits, but
the SW environment provided by Lego is too limited, and the alternative
environments that's been circulating is either too technical for my
intended audience (Stanford's non-cs non-ee undergrads) or it's Windows
only. Squeak would be the ideal environment, both because of its openness
and multi-platform portability and because it would allow the instructors
to tailor the environment differently according to the different projects
at hand. (My planned class is an introduction to AI and I would very much
like to provide different programming approaches to allow the students to
try out different theoretical approaches--it's much better to have
something like a subsumption architecture available if you want to try to a
pure feedback-based cybernetic approach to AI)
I might try to do something myself, but I have not touched Smalltalk in a
long, long time, and I am afraid I'll reinvent the wheel. Is anyone else
interested is this stuff?


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