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Tue Dec 8 00:35:11 UTC 1998


You can mix Squeak with C using the primitives mechanism.
The SqueakVM is running compiled to machine languaje from the C source,
 then you can use the SqueakVM as a piece of a running C application.

De:     	Aik-Siong Koh[SMTP:akoh at]
Enviado: 	Lunes 7 de Diciembre de 1998 19:18
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Asunto:     	parallel processing smalltalk

I use smalltalk in an engineering software for motion simulation. Smalltalk
has been excellent for my programming productivity, but now I am looking
for computational speed. Are there examples of smalltalk taking advantage
of massively parallel processing? I would also be interested in any
smalltalk plus C, C++, or FORTRAN combination which takes advantage of
parallel processing.

Any suggestion on how to maintain the programming productivity of smalltalk
and yet achieve the computational speeds expected of engineering/scientific
software is greatly appreciated.

Aik-Siong Koh

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