Another mainstream article about Squeak at PCWeek Online

Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Tue Dec 22 17:44:43 UTC 1998

On Tue 22 Dec, Jarvis, Robert P. wrote:
> Journalists...  <sigh>   What I find especially aggravating - perhaps even
> chilling - is the last line of the article...  "Sounds to me like a better
> Java".  Eeek.
Interesting - that's the bit I found oddly reassuring. It's certainly a good
sales pitch in todays world... 'Oh yeah, we do that - but we do this as well,
and have done for a long time. Like java but better'.
I've learnt again and again how difficult it is to get anything satisfactory
into any magazine; a case in point was the first time a mag wrote about my
motorcycle building projects. The journo asked me to jot down all the techy
details myself 'so nothing inportant would get forgotten'. The article appeared
with verbatim material from those notes wrapped in quotation marks as if I'd
said them in an interview. Oddly enough, it didn't read at all well!
It keeps happening and I keep hoping it'll get better.

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.  - Brook
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