Announcing mySelf

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at
Wed Dec 30 21:24:22 UTC 1998


Out of curiosity, I wrote a simple Self parser and simulator which I've
also ported to Squeak. The Squeak port is really crude right now, but
perhaps somebody is already interested in the code.  If you like, check out
my web page at

MySelf isn't really useful right now, but it was (and still is) fun to play
with :-)  Now, there's a dream which might come true.  I wonder whether it
might possible to integrate mySelf into the Squeak VM, eventually creating
a more complete (and/or hybrid) Self system based on Squeak.  As I did the
simulator in pure Smalltalk now, I've already some ideas for this.  It
shouldn't be that difficult.  Anybody interested in this project?  I'm not
talking about implementing the sophisticated Self compiler (aka HotSpot)
right now, but an interpreter which can (probably slowly) evaluate
non-trivial examples - perhaps even morphic.  Large parts of the Squeak VM
can be reused for this, I think. We'd need of course a number of additional
primitives, but otherwise, Self is even more simple that Squeak on byte
code level.

Happy New Year!
Stefan Matthias Aust  //  Are you ready to discover the twilight zone?

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