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rob van den berg rvdberg at
Thu Dec 17 15:00:59 UTC 1998

Hi John,

to give more background on my environment: my Mac is connected to a ISDN
router(using ethernet). I use network address translation to access my
provider, with internally non-routed addresses.

The interesting thing is that I can reach the update server from netscape,
but, at the same time, cannot access them from within Squeak. The same happens
when I use the Squeak browser: I can access sites using the IP number, but not
using their actual name. Interestingly it seems that if I have accessed a site
once through IP number I can then use the actual name. However,  I have to do
more tests to verify this.

I also tried adding the name with IP number into a 'Hosts' file. This didn't
seem to have any effect.



johnm at wrote:

> rob van den berg <rvdberg at> wrote:
> > I have been playing around with Squeak now for a few weeks, with 2.2 and
> > 2.3b. Both are very stable on my setup (Mac 7200, MacOS 8.1). However
> > there is one thing that does not seem to work: Squeak doesn't seem to be
> > able to resolve domain names (which also means that I cannot update from
> > the servers). If I use the raw IP number I can e.g. use the browser. if
> > I use Netscape, or any other network tool, at the same time, I don't
> > have any problems with name resolution.
> >
> > I have tried looking at the source of  NetNameResolver but as this class
> > mainly uses primitives I cannot find anything. Does anyone have a clue
> > what the problem is?
> When this happens to me, it is because I'm using PPP and I didn't specify
> the address of my local name server. Note that if you switch between
> PPP and some other kind of TCP/IP, the Mac seems to forget the name
> server settings.
> If this isn't the problem, try using some other program (such as Fetch
> or Netscape) to access the Squeak update servers by name. It could be
> that for some reason these names are not visible from your network,
> perhaps due to firewall problems.
> Please let us know when you figure out what the problem is; I'm
> sure other folks will have the same problem.
>         -- John

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