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Bill Felton bfelton at ibm.net
Sat Dec 5 19:30:23 UTC 1998

This is entirely inappropriate for the Squeak
mailing list.  I will not be drawn into a
pointless exchange dragging this list increasingly
far off topic.

'nuff said.

Bill F.

At 01:42 PM 12/5/98 -0500, you wrote:
>On Sat, Dec 05, 1998 at 06:39:33AM -0800, Bill Felton wrote:
>> Must disagree.  Have you asked yourself what is the root of
>> money?
>This is a red herring.  The fundamental issue is the problem of greed
>and how it should be addressed in an ostensibly ethical society.
>> How does the existence of money generate homelessness per se?
>You're not thinking.  A grossly inequitable distribution of the wealth
>which is finite where those with power have little or no concern for
>the rest of (growing) humanity nearly assures poverty. Does it really
>matter whether it's the crown or a high level executive?  Let them eat
>cake doesn't cut it.
>> (And yes, Gates is an evil sob.  What's your issue with Groves?)
>That we have replaced our notions of ethics with those of economics,
>and our notions of charity with those of acquisition...  piss poor
>subsititutes in my opinion.  It deeply saddens me to see young minds
>struggling to rationalize this.  Not everything that makes one feel
>guilty and ashamed is in error.
>As I think a defense of moral relativism has no place here, I'll leave
>you with this in hopes of closing this.  What sort of world do you want
>to live in tomorrow?  Don't you feel you ought to share it with others?
>Christopher Oliver, Traverse Internet, oliver at traverse.net
>  We've secretly replaced their web server with Folgers Crystals.
>  Let's see if they notice.

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