digest mail list option needed

Serg Koren Serg at VisualNewt.com
Fri Dec 11 01:16:20 UTC 1998

At 5:08 PM -0800 12/10/98, Craig Latta wrote:
>> Filtering only sends stuff to a given folder. It doesn't solve the
>> problem of 50-100 messages a day.
> 	What exactly is the problem? Having 50 Squeak messages in a 
> distinct place is certainly better than having them mixed in with 
> all the rest of your mail. Digests won't reduce traffic. I think 
> digests are actually *less* convenient to navigate than separate 
> messages. They collapse many decently-structured messages into a 
> rather less-decently-structured blob.
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Digests should be an OPTION (not required by all). 50-100 messages is 
a lot especially if you're online a lot and you get notifications 
every other minute due to Squeak.  The problem isn't GROUPING the 
messages. It's the NUMBER of messages this group generates.  There 
should be 2 lists...this one (for everyone who doesn't want/like 
digests and a digest of all the messages on a given day.  I can STILL 
filter the digests into its own folder, but I'll only have to 
double-clidk ONE message a day to open/read it instead of 
double-clicking 50-100 messages a day (think of the wear and tear on 
the mouse ;-) ).

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