Name resolution

johnm at johnm at
Thu Dec 17 16:58:33 UTC 1998

rob van den berg <rvdberg at> wrote:
> to give more background on my environment: my Mac is connected to a ISDN
> router(using ethernet). I use network address translation to access my
> provider, with internally non-routed addresses.
> The interesting thing is that I can reach the update server from netscape,
> but, at the same time, cannot access them from within Squeak. The same happens
> when I use the Squeak browser: I can access sites using the IP number, but not
> using their actual name. Interestingly it seems that if I have accessed a site
> once through IP number I can then use the actual name. However,  I have to do
> more tests to verify this.

Strange. Could it be simply a matter of the address lookup timing out the
first time? Sometimes name servers do caching, so even if they don't
get back to you quickly enough the first time you request a name, the second
time you make the request, the answer is in the cache. Thus, if you tried
(and failed) from Squeak, then went to Netscape, it would work from Netscape.
In this case, trying again from Squeak would also work.

Ted is adding address-based entries for the servers in our update list, which
should solve your updating problem.

	-- John

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