Another mainstream article about Squeak at PCWeek Online

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Tue Dec 22 18:14:00 UTC 1998

What I'm concerned will happen is that sixteen zillion Java programmers will
see this and think, "Kewl!  A new way to do <applets/beans/whatever>!!".
They'll flood the Squeak servers with downloads, will get turned off when it
doesn't look-and-feel like C or VB, has no "sandbox" (litter box? :-),
doesn't do <applets/beans/whatever>, doesn't "interoperate" with
Java/VBScript/whatever, and the next article written will be titled "Squeak
Fails To Live Up To Promise".  <sigh>  Journalists...

Bob Jarvis
The Timken Company

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> On Tue 22 Dec, Jarvis, Robert P. wrote:
> > Journalists...  <sigh>   What I find especially aggravating - perhaps
> even
> > chilling - is the last line of the article...  "Sounds to me like a
> better
> > Java".  Eeek.
> >
> Interesting - that's the bit I found oddly reassuring. It's certainly a
> good
> sales pitch in todays world... 'Oh yeah, we do that - but we do this as
> well,
> and have done for a long time. Like java but better'.
> I've learnt again and again how difficult it is to get anything
> satisfactory
> into any magazine; a case in point was the first time a mag wrote about my
> motorcycle building projects. The journo asked me to jot down all the
> techy
> details myself 'so nothing inportant would get forgotten'. The article
> appeared
> with verbatim material from those notes wrapped in quotation marks as if
> I'd
> said them in an interview. Oddly enough, it didn't read at all well!
> It keeps happening and I keep hoping it'll get better.
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