Porting troubles

Georg Gollmann gollmann at edvz.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Jul 14 13:35:43 UTC 1998

As a learning experience I have tried porting Squeak to Linux/m68k (Debian
2.0beta). While the make process ran without a problem (thanks Ian!) I
quickly faced a segmentation fault when running Squeak (in the
incrementalGC when the lowSpaceWatcher is installed, to be precise).
Inspecting the variables I found following:

(gdb) print memory
$22 = (unsigned char *) 0xc0151008 "À\026\030I\r\""
(gdb) print endOfMemory
$11 = -1068549284

As I read it the memory has been malloced high up and all those ints that
represent addresses have become negative, breaking the pointer arithmetic.

So...shouldn´t all variables that hold addresses (OOPs) be declared as
unsigned instead of int (or am I barking up the wrong tree) ?


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