unification algorithm in Smalltalk?

Les Tyrrell tyrrell at canis.uiuc.edu
Wed Jul 8 16:05:00 UTC 1998

As I recall, Prolog/V made use of a logic compiler that was already
built into V/DOS- I don't believe having the Prolog/V Smalltalk source
is sufficient to get it up and running in another dialect of Smalltalk.

I still have Smalltalk/V DOS, and can check on this later.


> At 13:44 06/07/98 -0600, Kyle Pierce wrote:
> >    I am looking for Smalltalk AI tools in general, and any  Smalltalk
> >  Can  anyone
> >provide pointers to such a thing, in a dialect that might be  fairly
> >Squeak-compatible?
> >
> Digitalk used to sell goodies for Smalltalk/V DOS.  Among them was
> a "Prolog/V" (maybe part of Carleton tools), which I was told was rather
> buggy.  Its syntax was an odd mixture of Smalltalk and Prolog.
> I cannot find any hint at it on the Web.  However, I bought these goodies
> long ago, and I might be able to find them back, if this is of interest to
> you.
> Philippe Loève

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