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James O'Connor joconnor at
Wed Jul 1 23:19:04 UTC 1998


>James O'Connor wrote:
>> Randy,
>> >Does anyone have an idea about how hard it would be to build an email
>> >client in Squeak?
>>         I played with writing email clients in various dialects of
Smalltalk using
>> SMTP protocol for sending and POP3 for receiving.  The biggest hurdles I've
>> encountered are: 1)  Attachments - properly encoding and decoding
>> attachments 2) What do do with the mail (how do I store/organize) incoming
>> and outgoing mail.  Other than that, it's pretty straight forward.
>and grab STAMP from the parc goodies in the VisualWorks Non-Commercial
>distribution.  It contains a base64 decoder and I have a uuencode
>decoder for it also.  No encoders yet.

Cool, I hadn't noticed it in the VWNC stuff.  I'll have to adapt it for

>  STAMP also manages multiple
>folders etc.  I use it as my mail client at work.

Wow.  I had two workspaces, one for sending, one for receiving.  I left
everything on the server and just stuffed the mail into a Dictionary :)
(That was just for accessing an alternate account)

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