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Fri Jul 10 11:14:09 UTC 1998

At 13:11 98-07-09 -0400, you wrote:
>'From Squeak 2.1 of June 30, 1998 on 9 July 1998 at 1:05:33 pm'!
>!PositionableStream methodsFor: 'testing'!
>	"Answer whether the receiver's contents has no elements."
>	^position = 0! !
>Wouldn't it be better as
>	^readLimit = 0

Smalltalk-80 says so (Should answer whether the receiver's contents 
has no elements) but in all Smalltalk, #isEmpty returns
true if the stream is at the beginning.  As Pugh and Lalonde
once said, #isEmpty should have been called #atBeginning
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