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>am talking about is an email client I have been playing with.

I'm very interested to hear anything more about this email client it

like you are working on.

I was toying with the idea of building a client in Squeak a few weeks

and then I got worried that it would really be way too hard for me to

it off. But I love the idea and would love to hear any more that you

want to share about what you are doing and intend to do.


Randy Siler    Coordinator, CIDR Computing

Center for Instructional Development & Research

396 Bagley Hall, BOX 351725      VOICE: 206/543-0751

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON           FAX: 206/685-1213

SEATTLE, WA 98195-3050

EMAIL: siler at




I have been poking around to see how I would do things in Squeak. What
I have now is an email reader that

- reads email from a server (but doesn't delete it, so I can still
read it with my normal reader)

- keeps all messages in a single file

- allows the creation of folders to organize messages

- has a mail viewer window that uses fonts/colors to try to make
things more readable

- has a folder view window that offers a hierarchical (collapsable)
look at your mail

- parses some of the content variations

What it doesn't do yet:

- send mail


- multipart messages

- drag and drop in the folder view

- filters

- text searching

I'm starting to think that this might really be something I could wind
up using (since it will do whatever I tell it<<g>). I will be happy to
share/collaborate - I noticed a suggestion by Ted K. that small godies
be loaded on the new swiki. Since this currently weighs in at around
60K, I'm not sure if that qualifies as small. Or I can email it to
folks who are interested. I'm going to keep plugging away - if there
is interest in any of the above, let me know.



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