two bugettes in SystemTracer

Alejandro F. Reimondo alereimondo at
Fri Jul 17 00:11:16 UTC 1998

3) My traced images opens with an error
 with label: 'Message not understood: cannotReturn:'
 and walkback:
	SystemTracer class>>writeClone

The method is evaluating the last line "^tracer"

writeClone  "SystemTracer writeClone"
	| tracer |
	tracer _ self new.
	"Delay shutDown."  "part of Smalltalk processShutDownList."
	tracer doit.   " <-- execution in clone resumes after this send"
	tracer == nil "will be nil in clone, since it is clamped"
		ifTrue: [Smalltalk processStartUpList].
	^ tracer

I have found your (2) bug and my (3) when porting Squeak 2.1
to WinCE.
I must run the SystemTracer in the shrinked image, because
 a load error occurs when loading image from a Win95 image
 (during relocating objects...? ).


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1) SystemTracer>initCompactClasses carefully builds an array of classes, then
brutally overrides it with whatever is in the image as the compactClasses array.
2) SystemTracer>writeFileHeader tries to set the macFileType of 'self fullName'
when it should be 'file fullName'

Guess how I found these....


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