Squeak 2.1 now available

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Tue Jul 7 15:04:06 UTC 1998

Matt (and all) -

>I just followed the instructions for making my Squeak 2.0 Win32 image
>'think' it was 2.1, and then auto updated the latest changes.  As we do
>not yet have an updated VM for 2.1 on Win32 (do we?), I used the
>existing VM.  Bad things happened immediately.  (In particular, the
>image hangs when entering a project, for example.  A manual interrupt
>shows that the image is repeatedly halted with 'bad bitblt arg
>(fraction?) proceed to convert').  Given the nature of the released 2.1
>changes, I suspect that either I have missed a step somewhere, or that
>we really do need the 2.1 VM before incorporating the 2.1 updates on
>I might suggest that others on Win32 hold off a bit until a 2.1 VM is
>available, or the problem is otherwise resolved.

Thanks for your alert!

I apologize for suggesting that this should be simple.  I thought it would only be a problem with text flow in odd containers (which could happen if you entered a couple of the PlayWithMe projects), but I didn't check it carefully.

I will look at this in detail, and try to put together a little "forward compatibility" package that would let you go forward without a new VM (unless new VMs get relased first (and they will be backward compatible)).

	- Dan

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