Drawing oddity - anyone know why?

Tim Olson tim at jumpnet.com
Mon Jul 13 12:52:44 UTC 1998

>What I can't understand is why the morph draws in green while being moved,
>but draws in red when placed on the desktop. If you know, I'd love to hear

You need to add in the origin offset of the world's FormCanvas when you 
draw upon it directly through its GrafPort, otherwise you are Blitting 
your red rectangle starting at the origin of the Display, rather than the 
origin of the Morphic window.

>	port copyFrom: buff boundingBox in: buff to: destRectangle origin.

Should be something like:

     copyFrom: buff boundingBox
     in: buff
     to: ((destRectangle origin) translateBy: self origin).

When I do that, the rectangle is always red, as I think you are expecting.

     -- tim

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