Block question

Brian Klump klumpba at
Fri Jul 24 01:33:48 UTC 1998

Is there a function simiar to VisualWorks valuesNowOrOnUnwindDo: for
blocks?  For those who  haven't used VW, it simply executes no matter
what happens in the block.  Also, does anyone have any sort of larger
docs on Squeak syntax, or or a FAQ such as "things in VW/VA/VSE/etc
that aren't in Squeak under name X but a simiar func is here"?  If
not, mnaybe it would be a good idea for those using other environments
to keep some sort of list of differences and we could find a wayto put
them on the wikki server or something?  Just some random
mumblings...keep up the good work!  Squeak rocks!

-Brian Klump

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