unification algorithm in Smalltalk?

Dwight Hughes dwighth at ipa.net
Wed Jul 8 17:43:53 UTC 1998

NISHIHARA Satoshi has ported a number of AOKI Atsushi's
Goodies for VisualWorks to Squeak and has a preliminary
version of Prolog on Squeak available at:


I haven't tried it yet myself; he labels it an "alpha minus version"
- so some work may be required.

-- Dwight

> Kyle Pierce on SNI wrote:
> I am looking for Smalltalk AI tools in general, and any Smalltalk
> implementation of a unification algorithm, in particular.  Can anyone
> provide pointers to such a thing, in a dialect that might be fairly
> Squeak-compatible?
> Thanks,
> Kyle Pierce
> P.S.  I am fairly new to Smalltalk, and Squeak seems like an
> irresistable choice
> for a truly portable and livable Macintosh development package.  After
> endless disappointments and frustrations (the most recent being
> any-Java-on-the-Mac) in finding such  a thing, THANK YOU for Squeak.

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