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Tim Olson tim at
Sun Jul 12 13:34:16 UTC 1998

>That won't work, because after the loop pid is 3 and all processes
>return that value. So how do I create a variable, that is local to a
>block? Something like [:pid| blockTemp | blockTemp := pid ] won't work

Squeak doesn't have true block temporary variables (not yet, anyway!); 
they are shared at the method level.  Instead of having the forked block 
perform the thread function, you should have the block invoke a method, 
with the shared queue and the pid as parameters.  Also, you should have 
your outer-loop perform a "Processor yield" at the end of each iteration 
to give the forked process a chance to grab the current (shared) pid 

| sq |
sq := SharedQueue new.
sq nextPut: 'Nasi'; nextPut: 'Goreng'; nextPut: 'Chop'; nextPut: 'Suey'.
1 to: 2 do: [:pid |
   	[TestBlock new run: sq withPID: pid] fork. Processor yield].

where TestBlock>>run:withPID: looks like:

run: q withPID: p

	[q isEmpty] whileFalse:
		[Transcript show: p printString , ': ', q next; cr.
		Processor yield].
	Transcript show: p printString, ' done.'; cr.

     -- tim

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