Squeak in HP9000

sgarcia at ssax.com sgarcia at ssax.com
Sat Jul 25 01:35:41 UTC 1998


     I am using squeak in my HP9000. It is great.I am happy.

     Right now, I need the sources in C of virtual machine and the scripts
to compiler and to link the source.

     Could you help me ?

     I am connecting from HP9000 server to a PC (window 95) throught
TCP/IP. It is very easy with Squeak. The only problem is to make nice
interface. (Windows)

     Thank you

squeak at cs.uiuc.edu on 07/22/98 05:48:56 AM

Please respond to markus_kohler at bbn.hp.com

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sgarcia at ssax.com wrote:
> Dears,
>      I am Sergio Garcia Canto from Argentina.
>      I teach a introduction course about Object Oriented Programing in
> "La Matanza" university.
>      I want to run the Squeak on HP-9000 k220 server with the operating
> system HP-UX B10.20.
>      Is it posible ? How ?
>      Could you help me ?

It's possible. At least on my C-Class machine with HP-UX 10.20 it runs
very well.
As far as I can remember I had it running also on a K-Class machine
sometime ago.
It's available from
What's currently missing is the JITTER.
Maybe I will give it a try soon, because I lately got egcs running on my

Markus Kohler  mailto:markus_kohler at hp.com

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