a Squeak web browser

Mark Guzdial guzdial at cc.gatech.edu
Tue Jul 28 14:13:09 UTC 1998

>it can handle links, lists, headers, and basic forms...

Is this "forms" in the generic, or "forms" as in text areas, submit
buttons, etc.?  I couldn't get the latter to work, so I'm assuming the

I'm really excited about this, Lex!  Great job!  On my wish list, of
course, is enough forms support so that someone could completely swiki from
within Squeak.  (Please don't ever implement frames! :-)

But I'm also excited about the pieces you've provided.  I'd like to have
students use some of these for new projects.  Like modifying your parser to
do XML parsing, or even have students implement XML-RPC using Scamper and
PWS (http://www.scripting.com/frontier5/xml/code/rpc.html).  Or having them
build new kinds of browsers, e.g., one where code in <code></code> has a
popup menu with doIt or fileIt.  Neat stuff!


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