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James O'Connor joconnor at
Thu Jul 2 00:18:23 UTC 1998


>>If you'd like to collaborate, I could code the SMTP/POP3 interface for
>>sending and receiving email and you could code the UI portion.
>That sounds pretty great! I'm not sure that I'm up to it--I've never
>written anything big in Smalltalk and I don't know anything about Morphic
>or even know if it is far enough along--but I'm sure interested in thinking
>a lot more about it and trying to decide about the feasibility.

Actually I've never done anything with Morphic either...or really much in
the way of UI in Squeak :)
>I think I have a really good feel for what a great emailer would feel
>like--I'm just not so sure that I can pull off the implementation. I guess
>I need to jump in and see how hard it is to do something.

That sound like a plan.  You could draw up a list of requirements (what
you'd like to see) and we could work forward.  I'm not concerened about the
low level interface and I've got an idea what the models will porbably look
like. The UI will be a learning adventure for both of us...
>I will take a look at the RFC you pointed to just to get a rough idea of
>what the interface looks like.

It's pretty sraight forward for email.  SMTP is very easy.  Basically you
just send strings across sockets.  The real work is in parsing the server
responses and formatting your own messages to the server.

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