Squeak 2.0 for Debian GNU/Linux

Eric Marsden emarsden at mail.dotcom.fr
Wed Jul 8 18:08:00 UTC 1998

>>>>> "MD" == Marcus Denker <marcus at ira.uka.de> writes:

  MD> There is an experimental package of Squeak2.0 (without updates)
  MD> for Debian GNU/Linux 2.0 available at:
  MD>  ftp://ftp.ira.uka.de/pub/squeak/squeak-2.0.deb
  MD> (it is compiled using the new libc6 (aka glibc2), so it is
  MD> not possible to install it on Debian 1.3 without upgrading).

Good news! Have you fixed the problem I have with Squeak eating up 99%
of the CPU (at least on Linux/x86 and IRIX)? MacOS and Windoze users
might not care much, but it's not very nice on multi-user systems.

By strace()ing it seems the vm is looping with endless gettimeofday()
calls, and from the vm source it would seem that the ioMsecs is the
culprit. Surely this can be avoided?

A quick question on the Squeak licence (sorry if this has already been
discussed on the list, but there doesn't seem to be any way of
searching the archives): is this compatible with the Debian Free
Software Guidelines[1]? Is there any hope of Squeak being released
under GPL?

Thanks to all the Squeak team, it looks really interesting. I am
trying to learn Smalltalk with it, and am very interested in the Swiki

[1] http://www.debian.org/social_contract

Eric Marsden
emarsden @ mail.dotcom.fr
It's elephants all the way down

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