Luciano Esteban Notarfrancesco lnotarfr at dc.uba.ar
Tue Jun 9 13:53:49 UTC 1998

I have implemented FloatArrays. I am not sending the change set to the 
list to avoid wasting bandwidth... if any one wants it, please let me 
know. I think sooner (today or tomorrow) it will be availeable in the 
download section of http://sugarweb.com.
There are two change sets: the first one extends the translator to allow 
translated primitives access to booleans declaring them with something 
like this
	self var: #varName declareC: 'bool varName'
and the second includes the following
	FloatArray	with primitives for the sum and the
			product by a number
	FFT		reimplemented, but almost equal to the original
	FloatFFT	a subclass of FFT which uses FloatArrays and
			with a primitive for #transformForward:
	WordArray	I needed it for FloatFFT...
	ScalarPlotMorph	a nice morph with an example that uses FloatFFT 
			to plot the spectrum of a sampled sound.


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