garbage collection in a distributed environment

Markus Kohler markus_kohler at
Fri Jun 19 07:30:42 UTC 1998

Adam Bridge wrote:
> I've been told that garbage collection techniques don't work when objects
> are shared in a distributed enviornment.
> Is this the case?
> It seems like there should be ways in which networked objects are GC'd as
> part of the vending mechanism.

It depends on how your distributed enviroment works. 
If you have proxies for objects. And the proxy is garbage collected on
Server A it has to inform
the proxy on the other Server B, because this proxy may hold references
to other objects. 
This can result in a lot of communication between the servers. 

Other problems in distributed enviroments are that sometimes servers may
be down or not reachable. 

So distributed GC is not that easy ...


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